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LHNav, LLC is a turnkey GIS solution provider of rentals, new hardware and technical support. We are a Silver Tier Partner in the Esri Partner Network.

From meter to decimeter we have equipment that will meet your accuracy needs. If you want to collect simple point data or need to take a full set of background data into the field, we have the answer.

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LHNav News

Carlson Software
Carlson Reseller Announcement

LHNav LLC announces it has signed a reseller agreement with Carlson Software Inc. Carlson Software combines advanced functionality, ease-of-use, and sheer capability to make it the first choice in data collection software. Accurate data collection is the basis for any successful project...

Handheld announced the release of The Nautiz X8

A front-runner in the new generation of handheld computers, the ergonomic Nautiz X8 delivers the largest, most brilliant capacitive touchscreen in its class, along with an unprecedented combination of processing power, connectivity and field ruggedness. The Nautiz X8 won't just keep up with you — it’ll lead the way....

The first bluetooth enabled GNSS Receiver designed specifically for iOS Devices

Announcing a significant opportunity to purchase the new iSXBlue 2 GNSS without risk. The first bluetooth enabled GNSS Receiver designed specifically for iOS Devices. This is a great way to see this iOS compatible unit first hand and experience how easily it works with your iOS device...


Industry News

Silly Geographic Precision

I tread water in oceans of latitude longitude coordinates. Every vector data set I encounter is big fat sets of latitude (up-downiness) and longitude (left-rightiness) bits of info which combine (the "co" in coordinates) to pinpoint a spot on the surface of the Earth (and those combine to trace lines or...

The X90 OPUS receiver from CHC Navigation and iGage Mapping intersects affordability with simplicity while delivering excellent precision with the National Geodetic Survey’s Online Positioning User Service.
Product Review: X90-OPUS

The next big thing in precision GPS might not be new technological features, but rather the significant drop in the cost of investment. Thirteen years ago Dad invested $12,000 in our first three GPS receivers, the Ashtech Locus. Small, simple, capable, and affordable, these receivers were exactly what ...

Sources of Public, Real-Time, High-Precision Corrections

I probably reminisce a bit too much at times, but I can’t help but think back to the ’90s, when obtaining three-meter accuracy via post-processing took a bit of planning. You either had to operate your own GPS base station, or you had to find a publicly available one before you went to the field to ...

Centimeter-Level RTK Accuracy More and More Available — for Less and Less

Last month, I started off 2014 with a bang by listing all the public RTK bases available in the United States, most of them being free. I received a lot of positive feedback and some enlightenment. For example, I didn’t know that in California, there are more than 330 RTK public base stations...



One reason why Caltrans uses rover/crawlers to inspect culverts. Why hello kitty.



GIS to the Rescue

A frantic cell phone call from a snowboarder came into Colorado's Winter Park Ski Resort in the Rocky Mountains northwest of Denver at 4:00 p.m. on Valentine's Day, 2012. The 20-year-old man left the boundary of the ski resort and went into an area known as the side country—ungroomed...

Nightmare on GIS Street: Accuracy, Datums, and Geospatial Data

This subject scares me. I’m not a trained geodesist. I’m not a mathematician. Yet, I’d be derelict in my duty if I didn’t write about this subject. I know enough to be dangerous, and enough to know this subject is going to be a nightmare for people managing geospatial databases...


TruePulse 360 for Stockpile Volumes