Carlson Software

Carlson Software  is a proven solution provider.  Design your projects with Carlson — easy-to-utilize design software combined with your expertise equals quality projects.  Utilizing Carlson’s diverse office software, you’ll be able to produce accurate 2D and 3D drawings and land-based design for surveying, civil engineering, construction, mining and accident investigation

Accurate data collection is the basis for any successful project.  Carlson Software combines advanced functionality, ease-of-use, and sheer capability to make it the first choice in data collection software. Users have the freedom to choose their hardware provider through Carlson Software’s support for a variety of  RTK GPS and conventional/ robotic Total Stations, new and legacy.

Carlson data collection software supports the widest range of popular and current RTK GNSS, conventional and robotic total stations for use with Windows and Windows Mobile data collectors.

Carlson also provides rugged, high-performance hardware for survey and GIS disciplines with its own line of GNSS equipment,data collectors and total stations. Just as a reminder to customers new and old, that Carlson has provided free tech support since the day of its founding and continues this tradition to date.

Field Applications

Office Applications