iGage Mapping Corporation is a small engineering company in Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded in early 1996, iGage traditionally provided electrical engineering design and software services for industrial and automation customers.

The word 'iGage' is a play ('Eye Gauge') on the machine vision, non-contact measurement devices that provided our core products. The name was coined long before iEverything and eEverythingElse become popular. Over the years we have come to regret our trendy name, we are just boring engineers, but it always appeared too difficult to change our name to something more descriptive like 'Light and Chemical Based Measurement Tools and Systems'.

iGage originally was responsible for many infrared absorption gas measurement devices that check automotive emissions; the gas analyzers for oxygen concentration measurement and calibration used in hospitals and industry; several lines of high speed laser based measurement tools for the non-contact measurement and control of wire, fiber and cable extrusion; motorized valve testing equipment; and lots of other nifty, but equally unexciting tools and devices.

In March 1998 Mark Silver, an iGage engineer, built a software tool that allowed him to view all the 7½ minute quadrangle maps in the North Eastern corner of Utah where he fishes and recreates. Mark paid his way through the University of Utah, fighting range fires for the Bureau of Land Management in Vernal Utah. He loves maps, and he has always dreamed of making a tool like All Topo Maps. Originally he called his hobby 'iTopo' and it intrigued everyone who saw it. He soon expanded it to cover all of Utah.

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