LHNav Rental: Juniper Archer XF-101 Handheld (Monthly)

LHNav Rental: Juniper Archer XF-101 Handheld (Monthly)

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LHNav Rental: Juniper Archer XF-101 Handheld (Monthly)
Brand: Juniper Systems
Product Code: LHN-Z-XF101
But let me tell you, you can't go wrong with an Archer and a Hemisphere GPS engine as your field data...
Price: $350.00

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Monthly Rental:

Read all about the specs below:

.......but let me tell you, you can't go wrong with an Archer and a Hemisphere GPS engine as your field data collector. Even better if you are a new user or a seasoned veteran of field work needing to get that "sub-meter" precision but cannot afford to spend a lot or have a steep learning curve, this is your solution. When we were first starting out (having left my sales position at a well known Trimble dealer in the Southwest) This was one of the 2 "all-in-one" handheld solutions we embraced, promoted and sold the heck out of against the GeoCollector aka GeoXH, GeoXT and the GeoXM. Loaded with the latest version of ArcPad and SOLO Forest, we didn't use Post Processing and were able to demonstrate achieving submeter and more closely to sub-foot  with a significantly smaller price tag.

The Juniper Archer XF-101  handheld DGPS solution makes it easy to navigate, update, collect, save and transmit data from 2 leading brands in the Geospatial industry today. The Juniper Archer is established as a superior quality "go to" handheld field computer, you know that, if its good enough for the US military it should be plenty good enough for us in the civilian world. It has premier specs when it comes to internal RAM, storage, processor speed, and connectivety. Now pair that with the Hemisphere XF-101 DGPS attachment you achieve sub-meter in an all-in-one, cost effective solution. The XF101 has the flagship Hemisphere Crescent GPS technology on board for superior tracking in the open and in heavy multipath environments. It also has an external antenna port for those that want to really get the best from the unit be it pole mounted or using a precision patch antenna and GNSS Vest or Baseball cap designed to carry the small footprint antenna. I think the Archer XF101 is the most polished XF series solutions that was ever made. It just works every time you turn it on, and its easy to configure ArcPad or SOLO Forest.

This has been a staple of our rental pool and sales solution for years. We can offer it with ESRI ArcPad or Trimble SOLO Forest. Both applications excel on this device and are easy to configure and use and require very little support. Ask us about discount pricing on used units and accessories like precision antennas, extra batteries, software and training.


  • Type: L1 (C/A), with carrier phase smoothing
  • Channels: 12-channel parallel tracking (10-channel when tracking SBAS)
  • SBAS: 2-channel, parallel tracking
  • Update Rate: 1Hz
  • Horizontal Accuracy:
    • <0.4 m RMS confidence (DGPS)*
    • <1.8 m RMS (autonomous, no SA)*
    • <0.3 m RMS (DGPS, external antenna)*
  • Weight: 11oz.

* Depends on multipath environment, number of satellites in view, satellite geometry, and ionospheric activity


Archer SPECS:

  • Outdoor rugged design certified to MIL-STD-810F and IP67
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 software
  • 520 MHz XScale processor, 64 MB SDRAM, 128 MB non-volatile storage. SD card for expansion to 32GB
  • Integrated Bluetooth wireless
  • Data Ports: USB client and host, and 9-pin serial
  • User changeable Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Display : Sunlight viewable touch screen
  • keypad : PDA
  • Weight : Lightweight (1.3 lb including battery)
  • Battery : Li-Ion rechargeable battery provides up to 9 hours of use between charge cycles. (slightly less with XF101, recommend 2nd battery)

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