LHNav Rental: SXBlue2-GPS (Beacon) Kit (Monthly)

LHNav Rental: SXBlue2-GPS (Beacon) Kit (Monthly)

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LHNav Rental: SXBlue2-GPS (Beacon) Kit (Monthly)
Brand: SXBlue Series
Product Code: LHN-Z-SXB2-B

One of a kind All-in-One Bluetooth GPS receiver kit that changed the game for high precision GIS using...

Price: $500.00

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Monthly Rental:

One of a kind All-in-One Bluetooth GPS receiver kit that changed the game for high precision GIS using Beacon corrections. The recevier and Beacon radio are all built into the same device. No external Beacon radio to cable or Bluetooth to your receiver. Pair this device to any of your data collectors that need better accuracy (<60cm.). Utilizing COAST™ technology provides accurate, minimal position drift during temporary loss of differential signal corrections and maintains sub-meter accuracy up to 40 minutes after differential signal loss. This option provides outstanding performance in environments where maintaining a consistent differential link is difficult or not feasible. Achieve <0.6 m. in real-time on your Android, Windows or Windows Mobile device! No post-processing or subscriptions required!


Let you in on a little secret, we test this unit several times a year in southern California, and our results are closer to 30cm. in real-time, (against ACOE and Port Authority brass caps), not 60cm. as the spec sheet states.

If you need even more accuracy, <30cm., contact us regarding one of our other SXBlue receviers, like the Dual Frequency SXBlue3 GNSS. (also for rent)

Includes: Precision Beacon Antenna, Antenna Cable 1.5M (qty 2), Carry bag, AC charger (we recommed you purchase a backpack kit, GNSS vest or prism pole for the antenna mounting)

  • Bluetooth ® technology that works with Android and Windows ® devices
  • 60cm real-time accuracy using free SBAS corrections
  • Works with ESRI Mobile Solutions, (e.g. ESRI Collector or ArcPad)
  • Use with Other Applications like Amigo Cloud, TerraGo Edge, SOLO Forest

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