LHNav Rental: Ashtech MobileMapper 100 (Monthly)

LHNav Rental: Ashtech MobileMapper 100 (Monthly)

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LHNav Rental: Ashtech MobileMapper 100 (Monthly)
Brand: Ashtech
Product Code: LHN-Z-MM100

The Ashtech MobileMapper100, the "Big Brother" of the MobileMapper products. I mention in a couple of...

Price: $600.00

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Monthly Rental:

The Ashtech MobileMapper100, the "Big Brother" of the MobileMapper products. I mention in a couple of other rental product pages the 2 "all-in one" handhelds we embraced when we got our start, and the MobileMapper product line was the other. The MobileMapper 100 replaced the MMCX and made a leap forward in too many ways to list. This had a huge impact on the industry and for us dealers too. I guess thats why Trimble bought them up in 2012. I will try to be concise about why this device is one of if not the best "all-in-one" handheld GNSS receiver and a staple of our rental fleet, and suprisingly easily to maintain over the years.

  • Full GNSS receiver (GPS and GLONASS)
  • 5MP camera. Takes good clear pictures.
  • 806 MHz processor-Windows Mobile 6 (anything to help Windows run faster)
  • Bluetooth for LTI TruPulse, Pipe Locators, etc.
  • Runs MobileMapper Field (or ArcPad), but mostly its about MMField.
  • Achieves 50cm. all day using SBAS corrections (depending on conditions)
  • Ability to Post Process to <30cm. (using pole mount solution with external precision antenna)
  • Excellent tracking with minimal “drifting” in multi-path environments.
  • User Changeable Battery. 2 needed for long days or lots of pictures from internal camera, but its USER CHANGEABLE.
  • Simple dock for charging unit and an extra battery. 2 batteries at once.
  • Expandable SD card for storage. Up to 32 GB (confirmed)
  • Upload/ Download via the “Easy way” use the SD card.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

Some people have expressed not liking:

  • Lack of a handstrap
  • The integrated stylus (its bad I agree)
  • Lack of WiFi
  • The non locking dock (it simply rests on the spring pins at the bottom)

For the cost savings, convenient features like user changeable battery, and performance you get (sub foot with antenna and post processed or half meter real-time with just the handheld) I can say that not having a handstrap, or power hungry WiFi (who uses WiFi in the field or otherwise) and the fact I have a plethora of stylus alternatives is not a fault or bad feature of this product. Having a simpler docking station that stations the unit in an upright position, and does not need to click and lock into place in order to charge or use, is a bonus. Don't get me started on replacement part costs vs. the competition.

Using the receiver with simple SBAS its a 0.5m. real-time solution. Collect and process RAW data and its 30cm. or better, solution. The real shine and polish of this unit is the MobileMapper Field application. Its inexpensive, easy to set up and easy to train anyone to use. Its a simple and clean interface without “too many” menus and sub-menus. Add to that the MobileMapper Office application is FREE. (your IT people can take a seat, as it can be installed on as many and wherever you want. There is no licensing or codes to install for use) This is the program that lets you post process data to achieve sub-meter (with the MobileMapper 6 and MobileMapper 10) and sub-foot (with the MobileMapper 100), then export to Google KML, GPX (GPS exchange), or CSV for the spreadsheet user(s) in the group. You know who I'm talking about.

CAD users: We have other processes for you folks. Let me ask, when was the last time your GPS sales person could talk tech with you about Blocks with Attributes or Cells with Tags? What about how to get your data collected to the correct layer or level? AutoCAD and Microstation users know what I'm talking about. I have used AutoCAD and Microstation since 1995. Jumped into GIS in 1997, so getting to know how to do “what to what” in order to get that file to open and be useable in my application was a part of my daily life. If you use CAD and need to do field work with a GNSS receiver, you really should be talking with us about a solution and feel "fuzzy and warm" about talking with a CAD user about a CAD solution.

LTI TruPulse users: We paired via Bluetooth, performed offsets using MMField, ArcPad, SOLO, or SurvCE, and had no issues, it works just fine.

30cm. users: If you need sub-foot, we can get you there with a MobileMapper 100.


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