Face Profiler On-The-Pole Solution

Face Profiler On-The-Pole Solution

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Face Profiler On-The-Pole Solution
Brand: Laser Technology
Product Code: LTI-FP-OTP

The typical LTI Face Profiler solution is compromised of 2 basic components, the TruPulse Laser and the...

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The typical LTI Face Profiler solution is compromised of 2 basic components, the TruPulse Laser and the Face Profiler application. What we have done here at LHnav is provided a complete tun-key configuration. Sort of how TRD (Toyota Racing Development) does for a stock Totyota vehicle. We offer the solution with various handheld data collectors, basic models like the BAP or SXPad or more robust and full featured units like the Trimble Juno T41 or the Carlson Mini 2 (aka Juniper Archer 2). Any of these devices will run the face profiler application some better than others and some we prefer as many clients also want to run other applications like the Mapsmart w/ Volume for stockpile calculations or the Carlson SurveCE to run a high precision RTK receiver for performing grade checks and other tasks where cm. precision is necessary. We make sure we are providing the best solutions for our clients so that really get their ROI (return on investment) and best value.

The Trupulse laser range finder is the other important component. The 360R is our preferred go to solution. Even though the internal compass may not be needed for Face Profiling it is handy for other measureing tasks and necessary in order to perform stockpile calcs. Its also for performing simple missing line measurements remotely without having to occupy one of the measured points. The other preferred laser is the new TruPulse 200X with its higher precision distance measurements. This unit does not have an internal compass but when used in combination with the TruAngle Encoder can perform measuremetns similar to that of a precision Total Station.

The rest of the solution is accessories to make the solution run more conveniently and safely. We start with the pole, and SI Precision Swift lever lock or knob lock pole. A bipod or tripod in case the user wants to leave the pole unattended. Pole clamps and cradle for the data collector, and brackets and mounts for the TruPulse laser rangefinder. They communicate via Bluetooth primarily so there is no need for messy cables. Lastly is our rugged hardshell carry case. All the parts and pieces are placed together (except the pole and bipod/ tripod) in the case and with predrilled holes for TSA friendly locks, you can safely travel with it too.


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