LTI Face Profiler


Start with an LTI TruPulse Laser like the TP360B or TP360R and paired with the Face Profiler application, is the perfect way to capture measurements on a varietiy of face surfaces, which help you significantly reduce flying rock incidents and improper fragmentation. The software walks you step by step through each measurement procedure with visual icons, simple instructions, and then profiling in the face detail. All of this was designed to ensure that you get accurate profile data quickly and easily while in the field. With the LTI Face Profiler system, you'll increase productivity and provide safer working conditions.

Similar to our LTI Stockpile Solution this system is operated by a single end user. Again we have created a single "All-on-the-Pole" solution to derive calculations for bench heights, minimum and optimum burdens, drill hole offsets, angles, hole depths and then adjust as necessary for optimal results! Take the guesswork out of blast design.

This field software runs on a Windows Mobile, rugged PDA data collector like the Trimble Nomad or Juniper Archer 2. These devices provide a rugged device ready for most any environment with plenty of safe storage for your profile data. Software exports to text, csv and even graphical bmp formats, for you to create a more comprehensive report for each face. And if you are in a real hurry, you can even print the profile data right in the field with an optional Bluetooth® enabled printer.

The process is 3 easy steps:

  1. Shoot the Floor
  2. Shoot the Toe and Crest
  3. Shoot the Rock Face

Afterwards you run your calculations on drill depth, angle and setbacks. Blast right the first time.

Ask about our low cost high precision GNSS receivers to help establish precise control and perform grade checks.


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