LTI Stockpile Volume


With an LTI TruPulse Laser like the TP360B or TP360R and the Mapsmart application with the Volume extension, a single user can measure a stockpile and calculate the volume right in the field. The software updates your map as you collect points, so you can feel more confident that the shots you take are being recorded correctly and are of quality. Enter the density of material you're measuring, and the software will even calculate the weight of your pile. The data can even be viewed in a graphical format such as a TIN or contour map. Mapsmart exports to txt, csv, raw, dxf or bmp formats so you can view your results as tabular/ spreadsheet, CAD or graphically. All the calcs are done right within Mapsmart on the handheld with no need for a laptop or desktop computer.

Our typical solution we promote is an "All-on-the-Pole" configuration so its easy to transport, setup, use and break down. Gone are the days of needing to schedule a surveyor to perfom these tasks, now you can capture your inventory on your schedule with only a single operator needed. With this simple yet versatile solution, measuring stockpiles just might be the easiest thing you do all week. Go ahead give us a call, and don't forget to ask about our high precision GNSS solutions for extablishing control and checking grades.

Not sure if this is the right solution, you can rent the equipment or hire one of our partners to perform the job.

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