LTI T&D Pro Solution


Attaching reflectors to a high power line is no easy task and using a height stick to measure sag in a line is not very safe. Simply gaining access to the line can be a real challenge to. Why put yourself at risk or waste time when you can determine the sag profile, measure the height of attachment points or a conductor, verify vegetation clearances and determine the location for guy wires all from the ground at a secure location and safe distance.

LTI's TruPulse Lasers like the TP360R or the high accuracy TP200X-TruAngle are the right solutions when paired with the LTI T&D Pro application for transmission and distribution applications. We have once again created our "All-on-thePole" solution so that a single operator can very accurately measure all the distances and clearances, so that those who need, can make those critical decisions. Pointing the laser crosshairs to a target and shooting without the need of a reflector is not only easy, but ideal. Superior optics in these lasers offer the ability to measure directly to a conductor without putting the user at risk. This eliminates handling a height stick or placing reflectors on the wire. The built-in solutions for sag, horizontal distance, height and missing line can all be measured and displayed instantly. This solution is ideal not only because of the safety factor and ease of use but its cost effective as well.

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